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About Divas

About Divas

Divas Hair Care salon has been in business for over ten years and it is owned and operated by a hair stylist from the Dominican Republic but raised and trained in New York...


Featured Testimonial

I am very pleased with the services I receive at Divas. The condition of my hair has improved tremendously since I started going there. My hair grows a lot and looks very beautiful.

Sury | Raleigh, NC

Welcome to Divas Hair Care!!!

Welcome to Divas!

We believe that healthier hair makes for better style. Whether you want a totally new look or want to improve the look and feel of your hair. We have everything to suit your needs. We carry organic hair relaxers and texturizers for a gentler way to straighten or loosen curls. Deep conditioning and oil treatments for every hair type help your hair be strong and moisturized from root to tip for a smooth, shiny look. Besides traditional permanent color, we also carry semi-permanent options which are a safer alternative for more natural-looking color.

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